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About Us

We are a small family-run pottery painting studio in north-west Leicestershire - read below to learn more about our studio story!

Our Studio Story

Nestled in the beautiful Staunton Harold Estate, our studio is part of the Ferrers Centre for Arts and Crafts, a converted 18th century stables in the grounds of a large hall which is now privately owned. Come and take a walk around the gorgeous lake, paint some pottery and wander round the other small businesses and studios. Maybe even have a slice of cake and a coffee in the picturesque courtyard.

We first took over the studio in April 2020 (right as the world came to a grinding halt) and despite being closed for 8 months out of our initial year here we have never looked back. Rowan had worked here with the

previous owner for a few years and as a design and illustration student was itching to help in any way she could when I made the leap from primary school TA to small business owner!

We are absolutely loving every minute of working at the studio, being a mother and daughter team certainly has its challenges but we couldn't do it without each other. Meeting all  our lovely, talented and supportive customers has been incredible and we have thoroughly enjoyed helping you all create lasting memories with us through birthday's, capturing baby/pet prints and teaching you new skills. We are looking forward to many more years of working together at the studio. 

This Is Us!



Proud owner



aka. resident writer and decorator



The Pottery Pup

"I am so pleased to have taken the opportunity to do something completely different with the support of my family and have never looked back!"

'I love my job and can't wait to take the studio over from Mum one day! My favourite days are those filled with baby prints and I love teaching new skills to our customers in the studio and through workshops/classes!"

"woof woof!"

(we believe this translates to "I'm just happy

to be involved")

What Customers Say

"WOW - I never knew I was capable of making such a beautiful plate! Thank you for making it seem so  easy. I can't wait to create my next masterpiece.

— Linda

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