Paint your own Pot

Don’t be scared of a blank piece of pottery! Everyone has a creative side, so don’t be put off.  Painting your own pottery is not just for children, it’s for all ages - it’s fun and we can help you through every step of the way.

Choose your pot

Choose what you’d like to paint from our extensive range of ceramic pots and ornaments.

Paint your pot

We'll guide you through our selection of underglaze paints and tools to help you create your unique piece. 

We fire your pot

Leave your item with us and we'll top glaze and fire it ready to collect in about a week's time.

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Other Finishes - Acrylic Party Paints

Party Paint Acrylics are easy to use and come in a variety of colours.  Once your piece is done you can take it home straight away - perfect if you're visiting us on holiday and aren't able to wait for kiln firing.  Please note, items painted using Acrylic Party Paints are only suitable as ornaments and cannot be used for food and drink as they cannot be washed.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint?

We have a £3 per painter studio fee, plus the cost of the items you choose to paint (you can of course paint more than one item). We have a large variety of pieces ranging from £6 up to £50. You can paint for up to 2 hours for your studio fee, although we're not too strict on that if we're not busy!  For groups of 6 or more painters, we ask for the studio fees to be paid at the time of booking as a deposit, this is deducted from your final bill on the day.

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