​Children's Parties

Just bring your friends, a cake and goodie bags, and enjoy a creative party at Paint a Pot Craft Studio, Staunton Harold.

All parties include:

  • Choice of item from our selection of ceramics.

  • A souvenir plate (or mug) for the birthday child, personalised with all the guests' fingerprints. 

  • Party invitations. You can download your party invitation here.​

How to book your party:

  • Choose your party option from the list below. There is a minimum booking of 8 guests and a maximum of 18 (except for Tots Pots Parties.) 

  • Telephone the studio on 01332 695181 during opening hours when we can check availability of dates. We can also answer any questions you might have, and advise you on suitable options.

  • We'll take a 50% non-refundable deposit based on your estimated number of party guests including the party child.

  • Confirmation of your booking will be posted out to you, along with an information sheet and the date for confirming final guest numbers. 

Party Animal

Glaze or Foam Clay or Acrylic Paint 

(please specify at time of booking)

£14.50 per guest - 1 hour - age 5+

  • Each child chooses a piece from our selection of ceramic party animals and figures.

  • We guide them through painting them with our special underglazes, or applying the foam clay or acrylic paint finish.

  • Glazed pieces will need to stay with us to be kiln fired, however items with the foam clay or acrylic paint finish can be taken home on the day - why not include it as part of the party bag.

Tea or Toast?

Choose a Mug for your Tea (or Hot Chocolate) or a Plate for your Toast 

£15.00 per guest - 1hour - age 7+

  • Suitable for slightly older children, a plain mug or plate gives them a 'blank canvas' for their own unique creations. 

  • We'll be on hand to guide them through applying our special underglazes.

  • Then we'll top glaze and kiln fire each piece ready for collection the following week.

My Initial

Customise a Ceramic Initial 

£16.50 per guest - 1hour - all ages

  • Each guest customises their own initial using our underglazes, foam clay or acrylic paints. 

  • We'll be on hand to guide them through applying our special underglazes.

  • Glazed pieces will need to stay with us to be kiln fired, however items with the foam clay or acrylic paint finish can be taken home on the day. 

Slumber Party

Take-Home Box for Pottery Painting at Home

  • Give us a call to arrange a time to visit the studio to choose your pottery.

  • We'll put it all into a box with everything else you need for a cosy at-home party.

  • Not just for children, but also GREAT for teenager sleep-overs; girls' night in; grown-up celebrations.

  • Return your painted pottery, along with our equipment, and we'll top glaze and fire ready for collection a week later. 

Tots Pots Party

A Party Especially for Pre-schoolers

£85.00 for group of up to 8 guests - 1hour - age 2-5years

  • Based on our popular Tots Pots Sessions, this party is designed for younger children.

  • We'll read a short story from our selection (we can discuss a family favourite when booking.)

  • Each child will then use a selection of our special underglazes to paint a pottery character from the story which will be top glazed and fired ready for collection the following week.

  • We'll finish with juice and biscuits. 

  • Very young party guests will need one accompanying adult.

Food Option

Food can be added to any of our Parties (except Tots Pots Parties)

£4.95 per guest - adds 30mins extra to party time

  • Our snack bag includes a sandwich (please specify choice of ham, jam or cheese at time of booking) fruit juice, crisps, fruit bag, raisins, yoghurt pouch and chocolate biscuit.

  • Although we don't include a birthday cake, you are welcome to bring your own to either eat after the party food or wrap up to include in party bags.

  • Sorry, we no longer offer the option of bringing your own food.   

Things to note:

  • ARRIVAL – Just 10 minutes before the party start time is more than enough time for you to arrive as we will already have everything set up and ready for your party.

  • ADULTS – You and another adult will need to stay throughout the party.

  • EXTRA ADULTS - In order for us to give your child the best possible party in a safe environment, parents are encouraged to drop off their children at the studio.** There are a number of other galleries and studios at the Ferrers Centre, as well as a cafe and garden centre, where parents can take advantage of an hour away from their little ones. We are a small studio with limited space, and we won't be able to run your party if our staff doesn't have clear and safe access to the party table. Any parents who really do not want to leave their children are welcome to stay and paint on a separate table at our usual studio charges (space permitting.) Alternatively they can sit at the party table with their child on their lap. (This does not apply to our Tots Pots Parties where children under 5 will each need an adult to stay with them.) 

  • TOILETS are in the Ferrers Centre Courtyard about 25 metres from the studio and an adult will need to accompany the children when they use these facilities.

  • GENERAL PAINTING – We do stay open for general paint sessions on our spare tables during parties, unless your party is for the maximum 18 guests.

  • COLLECTION – Your kiln fired party pieces will usually be ready for collection the following week.

  • BAD WEATHER – If snow makes it unsafe to get to the studio and we cannot go ahead with your party, we will give you as much notice as possible, and we will re-arrange another date for you.

** please discuss any special circumstances with us at time of booking.

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