We can print your little one’s hand or footprint - or both - onto items such as plates, mugs or indeed any other item you choose.                        

For babies and some young children, we may only be able to do footprints as they tend to scrunch up their hands. 


If you choose, we can also decorate the rim and write whatever message you’d like on the item.

This has proven to be a very popular gift, especially for grandparents.


silver keepsakes

These beautiful keepsakes can have a hand or footprint added with a name to be treasured by your family. Each charm is over 1mm thick and are handcrafted.

We take your little one's prints in our studio to be engraved onto a range of pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes. Usually one print and name will best fit.


Each comes with a sterling silver split ring to attach the charm to a bracelet.

For more information on all of our products for babies, contact us or ask in-store.

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